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Телескопический погрузчик JCB 535-95 AGRI

Телескопический погрузчик JCB 535-95 AGRI

Модель JCB 535-95 представляет собой полноразмерный телескопический погрузчик с досягаемостью 9,5 м. Машина оснащена высокоэффективным двигателем Dieselmax, а шасси погрузчика было специально спроектировано для достижения стабильности и удержания груза.

Установленный сбоку JCB двигатель в сочетании с мостами и трансмиссией JCB обеспечивают надежную работу погрузчика. Для высокой универсальности, широкого использования и дополнительной инвестиционной стоимости мы предлагаем большой спектр навесного оборудования.

Помимо прочего, машина характеризуется тремя режимами рулевого управления для простоты работы, а серво-джойстик обеспечивают очень маленький радиус поворота, гарантируя великолепную маневренность.

Разумеется, у телескопических погрузчиков JCB Agri Loadall высокая остаточная стоимость, поскольку они являются самыми популярными в мире и всегда востребованы

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A JCB AGRI Loadall is extremely manoeuvrable; the compact wheelbase and large steering lock angles save you valuable time on the farm, especially where space is limited.

Smart Hydraulics help to ensure the very fastest cycle times, keeping farm output high, while our Auto Smooth Ride System (SRS) improves load retention and comfort (and, in turn, productivity) when travelling at speed on roads or fields.

JCB’s Auto Bucket Control technology makes it easier to meter out or fully empty material from your bucket or manure fork via a feature button on the joystick. Material is ejected quickly and in a controlled way.

An AGRI telehandler has three selectable steer modes. There’s two-wheel steer, which is ideal for travelling at high speed on the road; four-wheel steer for working in tight spaces; and crab steer for manoeuvring close to walls and farm buildings.

Joystick-mounted manual or automatic gear change means you can shift gears, speed and direction quickly and easily. A selectable transmission dump on the foot brake provides superb multi-functioning and increased engine speeds during loading or re-handling. Braking has all-wheel servo assistance.

These Loadalls are fitted with auxiliary spools as standard, ensuring they can be used with a wide range of attachments for maximum versatility. The cab now boasts a pressure release button for the front and rear hydraulic auxiliary services too.

AGRI telehandlers are 4WD, helping you maintain traction at all times (2WD can be selected at the flick of a switch to minimise tyre wear and fuel use). For improved performance on difficult terrain, opt for a limited slip diff.

Boom end damping reduces material loss whilst enhancing the smoothness of boom lift and retract.

The new efficient EcoMAX Tier 4 Final engine produces its power and torque at low engine speeds for great responsiveness, and the wide range of JCB telescopic handler models means you can find the perfect machine for your requirements.

With a variable geometry turbo for excellent performance at low revs, the JCB EcoMAX Tier 4 Final engine can provide greater fuel efficiency*.

The JCB Q-Fit carriage makes attachment changing quick and easy.

The high-flow twin auxiliary option increases the productivity of your attachments with no primary power loss. This feature also helps to keep the hydraulic oil cooler.  

* Model-dependent

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Cab access on these telehandlers is very safe, with three points of contact and ergonomically positioned grab handles and steps.

A JCB AGRI Loadall has hose burst check valves (HBCVs) to protect the rams from collapse in the event of a hose failure. For extra safety, bystanders are safeguarded by our standard-fit reversing alarm.

The low boom profile and pivot means that Loadall operators get excellent all-round visibility.

Accidental operation is a thing of the past with our operator presence switch; this feature prevents your telescopic handler from moving when the operator leaves the seat.

Opt for front and top screen roof guards for added protection from falling objects on your telescopic handler.

Our security system is Thatcham-approved (depending on territory), so you could benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

JCB LiveLink’s telematic GPS tracking provides invaluable real-time location data on your telehandler. Geofencing alerts help to ensure your machine is only being used in your chosen areas.

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